Project Short Movie : Konseling Project | Designing and Creatives Stage

Yesterday, May 1st, 2015,… I started a new self project call “Konseling”. I wrote it, make the shotlist, and designing the look of this short movie. Here at below, some of my work making some of rough sketching cast of characters.

                   konseling-design_sketch_01     konseling-design_sketch_02     konseling-design_sketch_03

For this project, I got help from my best friend and also my mentor, Argo. He will be doing all the most 3D characters modeling. Yesterday at sunday, May 3rd, 2015 afternoon,… he started modeling the first character. And the progress, as you all can see at below.

                                                                         konseling-character01_modeling_02           konseling-character01_modeling_01

Ok… this is the progress so far,… thanks for reading it. Just wait, for another progress.

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