3D Modeling : Jilly,… My daughter :)

After I take my daughter Jilly’s photo last night, I started modeling 3d of her head at 7.30 am. Now this is the progress of my modeling work….

jilly_modeling_hen_01   jilly_modeling_hen_02   jilly_modeling_hen_03

10 am,.. taking break now. Grab some snack and hot chocolate. Continue again about 1 hour later, and the progress you can see at below……..

jilly_modeling_hen_04     jilly_modeling_hen_05    jilly_modeling_hen_06

01.00 pm,… take a lunch break, buying meals with my wife and daughter. Continue again at below….

Start again at 04.30 pm, finished modeling head at 08.00 pm,…

 jilly_modeling_hen_07   jilly_modeling_hen_08

 Done for the head, next step is to model the full body. But,.. after I’ve finish dinner’s meal 🙂 …. Yummyy!! 😀

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